Business Development & Sales


All the gear, no idea! Businesses often have done incredible work in developing a solution, understanding the market, engaging the prospect, but then lead to a less than satisfactory return in revenue. Business development & sales is the lifeblood of any organisation. Such activity shouldn’t be left to chance, but rather pursued in a proactive, coordinated and targeted manner.  

This is why following an exploratory session to learn about your current and past new business activities, we can work with you to identify which areas need addressing in order for a business development drive to be successful.

We’ll ensure you’re maximising the experience, talent and assets already within your business as well as helping you to analyse and plan the resources that will help to take your business to the next level.

Our projects focus on four dimensions:

  • Proposition 

  • Targeting 

  • Integrated Marketing 

  • New Business Planning 

Our mission is to provide game changing advice and support to your business in achieving sales growth and increased market profile. Key to success is ensuring that everyone who is capable of contributing to growth is doing so. 

There are many reasons why organisations call upon external support to help grow sales. Rapid expansion of a business can quickly place conflicting demands on the owner-managers as they are forced to wear a variety of hats (finance, procurement, HR, etc.) Alternatively, a lack of the right experience and/or expertise, the departure of key personnel, fast changing market conditions or simply heightened ambition from the owners are just a few of them.

It is inevitable that a significant percentage of businesses will experience sales difficulties at some point in their journey, irrespective of how good that business is or has been. In such circumstances, a fresh pair of eyes can help quickly assess what is being done well within an organisation, what is perhaps lacking in some way and, what can be done to provide that much needed boost to sales.

Alongside developing the strategy and plan ABLO Consulting via its network is able to assist in actioning the plan from providing or sourcing representation to initiating introductions in certain markets.