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Our Team

At ABLO Consulting, we pride ourselves on a team with exceptional talent in strategic planning, commercial acumen, bespoke communications, and business development and sales support. Our team is composed of seasoned professionals who bring a rich tapestry of experiences from across the defence sector. With careers spanning multiple continents, our directors and consultants have facilitated critical engagements and led significant initiatives within military, governmental, and industrial spheres.


Our strategists are not only versed in navigating complex defence ecosystems but also bring to the table a wealth of knowledge gained from leading strategy and change management in various high-stakes environments. Their insights are backed by rigorous academic research and real-world application in fields ranging from military art and science to international affairs and defence issues.


The commercial and communication prowess of our team stems from a deep understanding of both the buyer’s and seller’s perspectives, honed through years of organising market-leading conferences and events in the defence domain. This expertise is complemented by our network's ability to engage key stakeholders and decision-makers, ensuring our communications are precise, impactful, and strategically aligned with our clients’ objectives.

In business development and sales, our team's approach is underpinned by a comprehensive grasp of the operational and strategic nuances of the defence industry. With a history of driving growth and securing pivotal investments, we are adept at crafting tailored solutions that resonate with both established markets and emerging opportunities.


ABLO’s extended network approach means we can seamlessly integrate a diverse array of specialists into any project, ensuring that we can provide expertly tailored support for any challenge. Our collective experience ensures that we can deliver comprehensive solutions that not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations, driving their businesses forward in an ever-evolving defence landscape.

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