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Major General (Ret.) Gary Deakin

Major General (Ret.) Gary Deakin assumed the role of Deputy Chief of Staff Plans in May 2018 at NATO HQ and retiring in 2022. He has an extensive background in military leadership and strategic planning. Previously, he served as Commander of the 51st Infantry Brigade and Headquarters Scotland, where he demonstrated his leadership abilities. His career has taken him to various key positions, including Deputy Director Strategy, Plans, and Policy in US Central Command, Director of the Comprehensive Crisis Management Centre (CCOMC) in Allied Command Operations (SHAPE) in Mons, Belgium, and as a Special Adviser to the Chairman of the NATO Military Committee. Deakin's notable achievements include commanding the 1st Battalion the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment during combat operations in Iraq, where he led an All Arms Mechanised Battle Group. He has served in different regions, including Northern Ireland, Germany, Bosnia, and the Middle East. Educationally, he completed the United Kingdom’s Joint Services Command and Staff College Higher Command and Staff Course and the Advanced Command and Staff Course, earning two Masters Degrees in Defence Technology and Defence Studies.

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