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Market Intelligence


Market intelligence provides the foundation for a winning strategy and avoidance of expensive no’s.  It is the proper alignment of elements internal to the company with the external environment that ultimately drives success. Without it, the overall strategy and dedicated plans will have gaps. How many times have we entered a tender or tried to sell a solution or service, but not winning and left with no idea why? The reality is the market was not understood enough to a level to actively compete. Our market intelligence services vary in detail level dependent on your organisation, however it is certain to support and increase your chances in winning business. 

Our network consists of experienced researchers, analysts, and market experts from both an industry and customer perspective. All of who provide a value add throughout the service to develop and provide the necessary intelligence to supplement your strategy, plans and pursuits. 

The ABLO Market Intelligence Service has three levels: 

  1. Landscape

  2. Players & Programs 

  3. Formation Workshop 

The ability to make effective decisions depends on the availability of up-to-date business research and insights. Based on customised market and strategic intelligence, our solutions are designed to help you gauge market opportunities, understand the impact of emerging trends, and stay ahead of the competition.